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St. Luke Religious Education Program

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Religious Education Office


Michelle Dal Pino, Religious Education Coordinator


519 Ashland Ave

River Forest, IL 60305-1824

(708) 435-8960


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St Luke Religious Education Office

To visit the Religious Education Office, come to the gray double doors on Lake Street at the southeast corner of the school building and ring the doorbell.

If no one answers, you may drop off any religious education forms and fees at the St. Luke Parish Rectory, 528 Lathrop Avenue (first building north of the church).



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Saint Luke Religious Education Office
519 Ashland Avenue, River Forest, IL 60305
Phone: 708-435-8960 

2019-2020 Registration

Registration is now closed for classroom sessions this year (exceptions are 2nd grade classes on Sunday and 8th grade sacrament year or new parishioners who moved in the area recently). Home catechesis is available to registered parishioners. Please call our office to learn more.


St. Luke Religious Education Mission Statement

It is our goal that the St. Luke Religious Education Program provides religious formation which is consistent with the teaching and traditions of our Catholic Faith. We provide the opportunities to experience the rich sacramental life of the Church that can nourish and sustain our faith. We actively involve parents in many aspects of religious formation of their children.


Program Description


St. Luke Religious Education Program is offered from September through April in St. Luke School classrooms.

Sessions are offered on:

Wednesday afternoon: 1st through 4th grade, 3:30 - 4:45 pm    

Wednesday evening: 5th through 8th grade, 6:30 - 7:45 pm  

St. Luke Home Catechesis is offered for families who choose to catechize their children at home in all grades except Grades 1 and 2 and Grades 7 and 8, which are sacrament preparation years. Use the 2019-2020 Registration Packet for Returning or New Families to register for this program.



Sacrament Preparation


St. Luke Sacrament Preparation is offered from September through April.


Sacrament Preparation is a two-year process. Children preparing for Reconciliation and Eucharist must have completed one year of religious formation in Religious Education or in a Catholic school. This year lays the foundation for their Catholic Faith. The second year helps them develop further in their understanding of the Catholic Faith.


Confirmation is likewise a two-year process for children being confirmed in the 8th grade. Children who are 7th graders in Religious Education classes or in the parish school complete a Mercy Year component in their 7th grade year along with their regular religion curriculum. The Confirmation Spiritual Year begins in the 8th grade along with their preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Children’s Catechesis and Initiation into the Church is offered from October through April for families with children older than seven years of age who have been baptized, have not been baptized, or were baptized in a different faith tradition. These children have not completed or participated in a parish religious education program or in a parish school, and are seeking reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Eucharist, Confirmation, and in some cases Baptism for their children. Contact Michelle Dal Pino at 435-8960 or for more information.



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