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St. Luke 

Religious Education Office


Michelle Dal Pino, Coordinator


519 Ashland Ave

River Forest, IL 60305-1824

(ph) 708-435-8960

(fax) 708-771-8809


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St Luke Religious Education Office

To visit the Religious Education Office, come to the gray double doors on Lake Street at the southeast corner of the school building and ring the doorbell.

If no one answers, you may drop off any religious education forms and fees at the St. Luke Parish Rectory, 528 Lathrop Avenue (first building north of the church).




Catechists (Religion Teachers)


All of our classes depend largely upon availability of volunteers to teach the classes and the attendance of the children after the classes start. Training is available and necessary for all Catechists, new and returning, and that training will be provided. There actually are several roles that you can sign up for:

  • Catechist - full-time assigned to specific grade for the whole school year
  • Co-Catechist - together share full-time assignment for a specific grade
  • Substitute - available to fill in for any catechist who may be sick or otherwise unable to teach for a day
  • Aide - assistant to full-time Catechist (can be 7th grade and older - service hours given)

The Religious Education Program is vital to preserving our Catholic legacy, and it is a rewarding ministry. There is no better way to instill the Catholic Faith in your children than by sharing in their Religious Education as a Catechist.


In appreciation for this commitment to the youth of our parish, our full-time Catechists pay half of the Religious Education tuition.


Please consider sharing your faith journey with our youngest parish disciples by teaching or assisting in our program. If you are interested in being a Catechist (or another role) on Wednesdays, or in helping in other ways (volunteering to babysit or helping with our fundraisers), please contact the Religious Education Office at 708-435-8960. Thank you!



St. Luke Catechist and two students

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