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Catecist teaches children about Sunday Mass readings


ABOUT: It is important to help our children relate personally to the liturgy of the Church, learning to draw from it meaning for their own lives and gradually becoming more engaged in the forms of reflection and prayer that the liturgy offers. Our team of catechists helps children at the 9:00 Mass on Sundays to celebrate the Liturgy of the Word in a way that’s prepared especially for them.

WHAT WE DO: Adult catechists lead the children in prayer, share readings, lead a conversational homily and a simplified creed, and invite the children to propose intercessions for those in need. There are two groups based on age (3 to 5, 6-and-above). Catechists choose the age level they want to work with.

SKILLS NEEDED: Ability to relate well to children, respect for liturgical prayer, reasonable understanding of the Bible, ability to be flexible yet stay on target during the short time with the children (about 20 minutes).

TIME COMMITMENT: Catechists are scheduled about once a month. Preparation usually takes several hours, including prayerful reflection on the scripture and religious season. Catechists receive all necessary training and planning aids. Catechists often talk over their plans with each other and suggest resources.

HOW TO SIGN UP: We are actively seeking more volunteers! Parents or adults thinking about becoming a catechist are welcome to attend a session on any Sunday to see the process. Contact Elizabeth Jeep at 708-345-2230 for more information or to volunteer.

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“I love hearing from the children. I think I get more
from listening to what they hear and pick up on
in the Gospel readings than I give them. It has deepened
my own understanding of Scripture!”

~Catechist Katie Iammartino

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