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Sarah's Inn - women's shelter in Oak Park IL

Violence in Your Home?

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A rally in River Forest for Domestic Violence Awareness.


The mission of St. Luke’s Domestic Violence Outreach Ministry Committee is to raise Awareness of domestic violence, connect victims of domestic violence to Services within our community, support and remember all victims of domestic abuse in our Prayer, and advocate for the Prevention of domestic violence, so that all learn to recognize the elements of unhealthy and healthy relationships through Education at home, in schools, and in our parish.


Our ministry has several means to raise awareness of domestic violence and to connect victims of domestic violence to services within our community. Our main efforts happen during two months when national campaigns are spreading the word about this issue:


April is National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month. Our ministry raises awareness of child abuse and the services within our community by planting a pinwheel garden in the front of the church along with lawn signs listing hotline numbers.


October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  The DVOM leads several efforts to raise awareness of this important cause.

  • We raise awareness by tying purple ribbons to trees along Lake Street and Lathrop Avenue around the church. 
  • On the first Wednesday of October an evening Prayer Service is conducted in St. Luke Church. This prayer service offers community residents the opportunity to gather and pray for the victims of domestic violence and to pray for the social service and government organizations that assist and counsel domestic violence victims.  
  • Later in the month, we've sponsored a two-mile Walk for Awareness with several other local parishes. The event's purpose is to promote awareness of service providers in the community for victims of domestic violence and to show community support for all those impacted by this issue.


Throughout the rest of the year, domestic violence outreach posters are displayed in the church and school restrooms to build awareness of the Catholic Church's support of victims and to direct victims to community social service organizations.


SKILLS NEEDED: A compassionate, non-judgmental attitude. The Archdiocese frequently offers training in how to respond to a victim’s need for help, but this training is NOT required. We welcome members, male and female, of high school age and up.

TIME COMMITMENT: The ministry meets as a group once a month throughout the year. The month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so our members tie the purple ribbons around the church and help organize and participate in the prayer service and walk for awareness. During the month of April — National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month — our ministry plants pinwheels in the garden at the front of the church along with lawn signs listing hotline numbers for victims of abuse to find help.

HOW TO JOIN US:  Our ministry is always looking for volunteers to join us in our mission.  For further information about the ministry, contact Sue Hopkinson at 708-366-6758 or email here, or Mary Pat Devereux at 708-366-1766 or email here.


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“We feel so strongly about being advocates for all those
who feel trapped in a home with violence. We want victims to know
we care for them, pray for them, and that help is close by.”

~Sue Hopkinson

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